Age: 37

Occupation: Teacher

Diagnosis: Torn ligament / Neck and back strain

Cause: Motor vehicle accident

HOW TREATMENT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE — After being involved in a car accident, I was hospitalized. I followed up with 3 doctors and was treated with muscle relaxers, pain medication and told to rest. After 2 weeks my pain was intolerable. I went to seek chiropractic treatment under the advice of my attorney with Dr. Leone. Dr. Leone ordered an MRI of my shoulder. Although my x-rays from the hospital were negative my shoulder MRI showed a small tear. Dr. Leone did a thorough examination, treated me with electric muscle stimulation, exercises, ultrasound and chiropractic adjustments, which resulted in increased range of motion and decreased pain. Without her care, I am sure that I would still be suffering, not only with intense shoulder pain but also from neck and back pain which she also helped me with. I got my life!

She and her staff have always been courteous and professional. I would recommend her to anyone suffering with pain!


Age: 38

Occupation: Sales Manager

Diagnosis: Torn ligament / Neck and back strain

Cause: Chronic Shoulder Tendonitis

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HOW TREATMENT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE– Although I suffered with shoulder pain for 15 years, I can do things now that I was unable to do before. Prior to getting treatment here, other medical doctors’ treatments only affected my pain levels and did not help my range of motion or flexibility. If I knew the benefits of chiropractic and physical therapy, I would have gotten treatment with Dr. Leone earlier instead of suffering for 15 years. I feel Dr. Leone has been very professional and courteous and was genuinely concerned about my well-being.


Age: 29

Occupation: Farmer

HOW TREATMENT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE– I was referred to Dr. Leone after having to visit Urgent Care for terrible neck pain. My neck had seized up and was producing some of the worst pain that I ever experienced. I am only 29 years old and am a long distance runner, so I consider myself to be healthy and fit. It was very discouraging to be in such pain.

After the first visit I began to regain movement. I had regained almost all range of motion with absence of pain during my treatment plan. Dr. Leone has not only done spinal adjustments and physical therapy, but also taught me valuable stretches and exercises that have helped tremendously. When I started care upon the referral of Dr. Guico at the urgent care center, I was nervous because I was in such severe pain and thought the treatments might hurt. But care was in fact painless. I would encourage anyone to put aside your fears and apprehensions and give chiropractic care a try. It could change your life!